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Be prepared for teh almighty fangirlsqueee!

You updated! I can't believe it!

I'm so happy to see you two writing in this verse again. I hope I can continue adding this to Crack!tastic. And I just got this urge to reread the entire thing again, and honestly I'm thinking of printing these babies out to have them to read on the couch or in bed rather than stuck at the computertable. I need to get myself a laptop for ficreading LoL This is teh crack! and right now I'm kinda acting like a got a hit of something goood *loony grin*

This was beautiful, as always you manage to make these boys into something eerily real. Like watching them play inside my head as I read the words.

There's a chalk board over in one of the corners, grey and dusty with smudged traces of holy scripture. "We could play hang-man. If you promise not to use any twelveth grade words."
This was just too cute. Little Vince.. let's all say 'Awww'

Vince's eyes close and his mouth opens before Jimmy even touches him. He makes a hungry little sound that has Jimmy pressing his fingers into the side of Vince's neck, bending his head and forcing his mouth widewidewider, just a shade too hard. Vince just makes that same sound again.
Guh! I love your words cause they paint the prettiest pictures inside my mind. This, this is just .. damn hot.

The background fades in a blur of early morning light. Jimmy's sitting so close, Vince can see the shine of spit on his mouth. He sinks his teeth in his own bottom lip and sways back into Jimmy's hand. Fingertips against his skin like soft, small stones and he bends his head back.
The words, teh words... *sighs a happy sigh* It's hard to explain, maybe I should just give it up and just say that I truly enjoy both your particular style in writing. It walks that line between decribing it in painting pictures with words, and poetic touches. Without turning it all into beautiful words with no story. Instead it's like every sentence has it's story and it's own feeling. And yes I am gushing - deal with it. :p

Jimmy always always wants. Vince is silent in his lap, hands wrapped around the back of Jimmy's head, rubbing his hair and it- no one else touches Jimmy like he could ever break.
*heart breaks wide open*

"Jesus," before Jimmy can even think of stopping himself from cussing- in church, with Vince wrapped around him like Christmas wrapping. Red-faced Vince, with the not so shy hands and trembling mouth, who not more than a couple weeks ago couldn't ask Jimmy a question about a game of cards without hiding behind his own hair.
Sweet innocent Vince is coming out of his shell... slowly daring to be more than shy around Jimmy.

"Want you," he says, both eyes still on Jimmy. If he wasn't wearing his Sunday clothes, he'd have twisted his shirt hem into knots by now.
It's just so unbelievably sweet, and kinda innocent and just the nervous touches like the twining of his shirt.

He claws his way back up, teeth to ribs then nipples then collarbone. Vince was here.

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    **Squeeeees**!! Printing to read at bedtime...cause, you know, sweeet dreams! **hugs you both to pieces**

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    *heartbreaks* God, beautifully done. Feel the wind whistling through the hole you've put in chest here.

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