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You all very busy?

I just had to ask.

I'm having this fear that you're posting somewhere but I'm blind or just not finding it.

See you've kinda spoiled me with posting so often that I now get all anxious when there hasn't been a Jinnie-word from anyone of you in a while.

These are the ongoing links right (those that still gets updated)?

Witling Mary-Sue detox!Vinnie angst

Ros Fod's horribly angsty appleverse

Kita and Ros Fods deliscious blowjob - Quiet and safe

Kita and Rubywisps - Meanwhile, back at the ranch

Did I miss something?

Yes I did - thanks swmbo (I hoped there would be more of that - Yess!)
Orli and Vince lockerfight

/'m at work and terribly bored...
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Yea, I got busy.

Witling has a guest.

Ruby...hm. If I'm up, it's my fault.

I got busy. :{

(There is, however, a part 2 to the fic Snapshots in the works).
Thanks for letting me know :)

I can understand that, I mean you all do have lives even if us fans/readers have a tendency to forget that in the name of greed for new chapters ;)

Now I atleast don't have to worry about ya'll posting an a thread I missed :)

And sequel to snapshots? Lovely!

Also, did i possibly see you mentioning a Conner/Spike fic in the works somewhere? Dudess! I'd so wanna read that :D Once it's finished of course.

Take your time, and just ignore our (or maybe it's just mine) greedy little fingers pawing all over trying to wring more words outta you :) We just can't help it LoL

I'll be quiet now and practice patience :)
Not a problem. Pet me, I am a whore.

-Just for you, I tagged Ros in the blow job thread right now.

-Yea, Spike/Connor will be done before the next Jimmy fic. It's all outlined and just needs to be, you know. Written. *G*

-Patience is so overrated. ;}
Gorgeous gorgeous woman!! That was... fucking beatiful.

(total loss of all thoughts of work)

Jimmy can't remember the last time anyone left a mark this way.

Making sounds that twist like joyful things in the air, pinwheels and streamers. And watching.

*bounces up and down* I'm so happy I found this place, my own little heaven of sinful deliscious boys. Gawd!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
Thank YOU.

I'm just tryin to keep up with my Fod.

That was the most awesomest tag ever. Watch me wipe up my drool. :)
You wrote more! The both of you! *squeal*

Right under Jimmy's jaw, where the line of tendons still frame his pulse, he tastes like butterscotch, sticky and goldenwarm.

Your writing is so special, I've never read anyone using colors and taste the way you do. Absolutely beatiful.

Kisses with lazy sighs and little moans that sound too sweet and worn to be his own. Too fragile. Vince holds onto him like he's gonna break apart into clouds and float away.

Turns out the sounds really are his.

God Kita, that boy is really yours. The way you write his surprise at things being soft, at the novelty of allowing yourself to be vulnerable. With the sharp parts still left, making their existance known even when he doesn't seem to want to.
[...]he can feel the dead calm start creeping back into his voice. (Unbidden, unwelcome. Unstoppable.)

And this sentence just slayed me dead

His chest feels like it doesn't have any more room left, for air or the sudden bulkiness of his heart.

I'm forever your slave ladies.
Well, ros and I are terrible slackers who get obsessed with other things and forget to tag each other, but we're not actually done with : http://www.livejournal.com/community/swimming_hole/1005.html

The fight and what happens after between Vince and Orli.
Thanks for reminding me! :)

And I'm so happy that there'll be more of that story.. once you get to write it *grin*
Oh! Now this, i need to bookmark, 'cause sometimes with the feedback threads and the weird, windy way of all these stories, i canNOT find anything new at all!
Which sucks, 'cause i love them all.