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Beware the Crackverse

I watched The Hidalgo yesterday. As a movie it was nothing special except the horse, but Vig's looks were definite crack and all the time I saw the actor as Vig, the mad preacher, who has a son called Jimmy and who is feared by all the habitants of the trailerpark. Then I remembered, what is going on with Mary Sueverse! Has Vig been on the war path again and did he hit Jimmy?

I'd like to know, if you are having similar reactions to the crackpeople showing up on other roles? And O, you higher powers, that are at the WriterCon now, I pray, descend soon back to us and bring relief to our wretched tormented souls!

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    **Squeeeees**!! Printing to read at bedtime...cause, you know, sweeet dreams! **hugs you both to pieces**

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    You updated! I can't believe it! I'm so happy to see you two writing in this verse again. I hope I can continue adding this to Crack!tastic. And I…

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