March 2nd, 2005

misc- back to being blonde again

Be prepared for teh almighty fangirlsqueee!

You updated! I can't believe it!

I'm so happy to see you two writing in this verse again. I hope I can continue adding this to Crack!tastic. And I just got this urge to reread the entire thing again, and honestly I'm thinking of printing these babies out to have them to read on the couch or in bed rather than stuck at the computertable. I need to get myself a laptop for ficreading LoL This is teh crack! and right now I'm kinda acting like a got a hit of something goood *loony grin*

This was beautiful, as always you manage to make these boys into something eerily real. Like watching them play inside my head as I read the words.

incase of spoilers - hiding it behind cutCollapse )