August 18th, 2004

misc- back to being blonde again

You all very busy?

I just had to ask.

I'm having this fear that you're posting somewhere but I'm blind or just not finding it.

See you've kinda spoiled me with posting so often that I now get all anxious when there hasn't been a Jinnie-word from anyone of you in a while.

These are the ongoing links right (those that still gets updated)?

Witling Mary-Sue detox!Vinnie angst

Ros Fod's horribly angsty appleverse

Kita and Ros Fods deliscious blowjob - Quiet and safe

Kita and Rubywisps - Meanwhile, back at the ranch

Did I miss something?

Yes I did - thanks swmbo (I hoped there would be more of that - Yess!)
Orli and Vince lockerfight

/'m at work and terribly bored...
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