July 28th, 2004

misc- back to being blonde again

IMP! To all the Jimmy/Vince/swimming hole/Mary Sue verse writers!!

Me again.

I posted earlier as a comment in another thread here about archiving this fic for personal purposes. By that I mean to keep track of all the snippets that land here and there in your journals, so I can reread an reread.

So I made something here in the last 30 minutes just to show you so you can say yes or no. (It's simple and it's easy for me to copy and paste wherever I may be whenever I see something new.)

See here: Crack!tastic

It's not really and archive.. It's just to have my addiction in check. But it's there, saved on my server so I can understand if you don't want this posted anywhere else but at your LJ's and communities.

Now I know some of you are all busy for the whole big WriterCon trip... which sounds like oodles of fun *envious even though i don't write anything and is very new to this fandom*. But get back to me, scream at me or whatever your fancy might be after seeing the archive, whenever you can. I'm not gonna do anything about it until I get a yes or no from you guys. :)

/crackhead addicted to boylove - also known as Ms Mephisto aka Queen Chaos. Or just simply M

I'm gonna shut up now and sleep.. I promise.
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