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Be prepared for teh almighty fangirlsqueee!

You updated! I can't believe it!

I'm so happy to see you two writing in this verse again. I hope I can continue adding this to Crack!tastic. And I just got this urge to reread the entire thing again, and honestly I'm thinking of printing these babies out to have them to read on the couch or in bed rather than stuck at the computertable. I need to get myself a laptop for ficreading LoL This is teh crack! and right now I'm kinda acting like a got a hit of something goood *loony grin*

This was beautiful, as always you manage to make these boys into something eerily real. Like watching them play inside my head as I read the words.

incase of spoilers - hiding it behind cutCollapse )

Pretty blue eyed boys doing the naughty

Something ruined and helpless about him, makes Jimmy taste anger, like seawater and bitters where the taste of kisses used to be.

He tucks Vince's shirt back into his jeans, snaps them shut.

"Shouldn't give away somethin' for nothin', Vince," he says. Vince's eyes open. Sometimes the way he looks at Jimmy, makes him feel old. "Not for no one."

The night's been so amazingly beautiful for both of them, but is that ANGST I feel coming?? *points to the quote* Please, could someone calm my nerves!?
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misc- back to being blonde again

You all very busy?

I just had to ask.

I'm having this fear that you're posting somewhere but I'm blind or just not finding it.

See you've kinda spoiled me with posting so often that I now get all anxious when there hasn't been a Jinnie-word from anyone of you in a while.

These are the ongoing links right (those that still gets updated)?

Witling Mary-Sue detox!Vinnie angst

Ros Fod's horribly angsty appleverse

Kita and Ros Fods deliscious blowjob - Quiet and safe

Kita and Rubywisps - Meanwhile, back at the ranch

Did I miss something?

Yes I did - thanks swmbo (I hoped there would be more of that - Yess!)
Orli and Vince lockerfight

/'m at work and terribly bored...
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misc- back to being blonde again

Heey, there's Kelly and Jimmy going on *grin*

Ladies, you know how to turn pain into words. Fucking ouch! I'm all shivery at reading the history, the snippets that Kelly feels need to be said, even though they hurt to speak.

If looks could kill, Kelly'd be dead five minutes ago, but he doesn't give shit.Collapse )

I so wanna hug Kelly for gutting it out and telling .. stuff. Cause friendship ain't easy all the time.

These hit right into the gut
Cut for spoilersCollapse )

Lovely ladies. Thank you! I've missed the boys :)
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Beware the Crackverse

I watched The Hidalgo yesterday. As a movie it was nothing special except the horse, but Vig's looks were definite crack and all the time I saw the actor as Vig, the mad preacher, who has a son called Jimmy and who is feared by all the habitants of the trailerpark. Then I remembered, what is going on with Mary Sueverse! Has Vig been on the war path again and did he hit Jimmy?

I'd like to know, if you are having similar reactions to the crackpeople showing up on other roles? And O, you higher powers, that are at the WriterCon now, I pray, descend soon back to us and bring relief to our wretched tormented souls!
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misc- back to being blonde again

*waves* Layout and Mary-Sue verse chapters added

Just wanted to let you know that I finished the skin, so now the site looks a bit more ..theme-appropriate than before.


Also, all Mary Sue verse parts are added. I think.. I hope so. Not sure.. if anyone finds anything missing please let me know so i can add it :)

Swimming hole and Cracktrailer snapshots is still left to be added. Also proper links will come.

Now I'm off to sleep :)

But wait! I saw that Mary Sue verse wa supdated! Yehaaw! :D Thanks!

*runs off*
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misc- back to being blonde again

IMP! To all the Jimmy/Vince/swimming hole/Mary Sue verse writers!!

Me again.

I posted earlier as a comment in another thread here about archiving this fic for personal purposes. By that I mean to keep track of all the snippets that land here and there in your journals, so I can reread an reread.

So I made something here in the last 30 minutes just to show you so you can say yes or no. (It's simple and it's easy for me to copy and paste wherever I may be whenever I see something new.)

See here: Crack!tastic

It's not really and archive.. It's just to have my addiction in check. But it's there, saved on my server so I can understand if you don't want this posted anywhere else but at your LJ's and communities.

Now I know some of you are all busy for the whole big WriterCon trip... which sounds like oodles of fun *envious even though i don't write anything and is very new to this fandom*. But get back to me, scream at me or whatever your fancy might be after seeing the archive, whenever you can. I'm not gonna do anything about it until I get a yes or no from you guys. :)

/crackhead addicted to boylove - also known as Ms Mephisto aka Queen Chaos. Or just simply M

I'm gonna shut up now and sleep.. I promise.
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