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Heey, there's Kelly and Jimmy going on *grin*

Ladies, you know how to turn pain into words. Fucking ouch! I'm all shivery at reading the history, the snippets that Kelly feels need to be said, even though they hurt to speak.

If looks could kill, Kelly'd be dead five minutes ago, but he doesn't give shit. Way past time doesn't begin to cover it. "You even remember what your nose looked like before the first time he broke it? Because I don't."

"You got a point or what?" Jimmy's voice is sharper than the jut of his cheekbones. Kelly wants to stop, shut up, rewind. Take it all back and make it all go away, but one of the first things he learned as Jimmy's friend is that he can't, so he swallows the guilt and keeps on going.

I so wanna hug Kelly for gutting it out and telling .. stuff. Cause friendship ain't easy all the time.

These hit right into the gut

Jimmy's way more scared of all things hereditary than any beating. Makes him feel like he's connected to Vig no matter what he does. Like he'll never ever get away.

"You think I don't wake up every fucking day wondering if I'm gonna go to bed that night with all the same parts I started out with?"

"Just - m'not gonna let him kill me, a'right? I thought about all this, Kelly. Think about it all the fucking time."

Lovely ladies. Thank you! I've missed the boys :)
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