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*waves* Layout and Mary-Sue verse chapters added

Just wanted to let you know that I finished the skin, so now the site looks a bit more ..theme-appropriate than before.


Also, all Mary Sue verse parts are added. I think.. I hope so. Not sure.. if anyone finds anything missing please let me know so i can add it :)

Swimming hole and Cracktrailer snapshots is still left to be added. Also proper links will come.

Now I'm off to sleep :)

But wait! I saw that Mary Sue verse wa supdated! Yehaaw! :D Thanks!

*runs off*
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You gonna put 'Snapshots' under fanfiction categories? That's the story that started MarySue and Swimming Hole.

Also- Damn girl. It looks beautiful. Can't thank you enough. Jimmy is all kindsa happy and proud. :}
I put Snapshots in category "Cracktrailer fanfiction". Also added to help page a suggested order to read all of the parts in, I hope I got it all right but at least Snapshots is the number one :)

Thank you! *beam* Feel all pleased and happy about you guys liking it. My little contribution to this pretty world :)
Looks great, ma'am. Thanks so much for doing this. So sweet of you to take the time and effort, and God knows I wasn't going near that particular organizational nightmare with a ten-foot pole...

You rocketh. Most mightily.
The librarian in me is a always hotdoggin' for organizing stuff, even on my vacation LoL Too bad that doesn't work for the apartement, only for work and the computer.. and work does not include my desk which.. we will not go into that subject.

I'm just very happy with the fact that you guys let me do this. :) It's all very cool.
The layout is lovely!

I can't even tell you how happy I am that you've taken this on. I'm going to be away for three weeks and I know I'll miss stuff. If you want to double check to see if you've got it all, you can check my memories. It's all here. Sort by description, and it'll be in chronological order. I'm pretty sure it's complete, at least no one's told me otherwise. I'd link you to the individual threads, but I have to go pack. :o(

Thanks for the links, it seems I got all of the parts added :) Have a safe trip and hopefully you'll have easier catching up when you get back home.